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C Listing

Artist Album Order Number
Shirley Caesar He's Working It Out For You 435057
I Remember Mama 434829
Jesus, I Love Calling Your Name 437095
Live...In Chicago 419879
A Miracle In Harlem 188623
Shirley Caesar Live... He Will Come 134221
Stand Still 466839
Shirley Caesar With The Caravans The Best Of Shirley Caesar With The Caravans 217935
Shirley Caesar's Outreach Convention Choir Just A Word 161935
Byron Cage & Purpose Dwell Among Us 215699
Transparent In Your Presence 215616
Called To Worship Created To Praise (1995) 160432
Created To Praise (1996) 160440
Steve Camp Consider The Cost 427575
Doin' My Best 437913
Doing My Best, Vol. 2 435024
Mercy In The Wilderness 112995
The Steve Camp Collection: 126599
Taking Heaven By Storm 460295
Glen Campbell The Boy In Me 162198
Favorite Hymns 437152
Jesus And Me-The Collection 218586
Show Me Your Way 162214
Wings Of Victory 162206
Canton Spirituals, The Live In Memphis II 134585
Live In Memphis 470534
Living The Dream: Live In Washington, DC 212753
Michael Card Come To The Cradle 466169
Joy In The Journey--10 Years Of 475301
Poie'ma 113654
Unveiled Hope 187179
The Word- 452730
Michael Card And John Michael Talbot Brother To Brother 160614
Bob Carlisle Bob Carlisle 466144
Butterfly Kisses (Shades Of Grace) 215442
Collection 212712
The Hope Of A Man 113688
Shades Of Grace 164996
Joanna Carlson The Light Of Home 140806
Carman The Absolute Best 455808
Addicted To Jesus 471821
The Champion 100966
Comin' On Strong 437178
I Surrender All - 30 Classic Hymns 186817
Live 455568
Revival In The Land 455576
R.I.O.T. 141721
The Standard 468827
Carman's Yo! Kidz The Hitz 177683
Carmen Ministries High Praises Volume 1 455972
High Praises Volume 2 452672
Ralph Carmichael And His Orchestra Something Beautiful/Piano Duets 159806
Strike Up The Band 126334
Kurt Carr Singers No One Else 184986
Wynonna Carr Dragnet For Jesus 143446
Bruce Carroll For The Record 189464
Sometimes Miracles Hide 435040
Speed Of Light 165043
Walk On 467688
Rex Carroll The Rex Carroll Sessions 135921
Cathedrals, The The Cathedral Collection 188227
Radio Days 168971
Some Of Their Finest Moments 138479
Cathedral Quartet, The A Reunion 138461
Eric Champion Transformation 159780
Gary Chapman Hymns From The Ryman 220053
The Light Inside 125765
Shelter 150748
Steven Curtis Chapman For The Sake Of The Call 417022
Great Adventure 449041
Heaven In The Real World 485789
The Live Adventure 466185
More To This Life 406223
Real Life Conversations 488767
Signs Of Life 164301
Steven Curtis Chapman 488759
Rev. Andrew Cheairs & The Songbirds Live In Mississippi 215582
Chicago Mass Choir The Best Of Chicago Mass Choir 143180
He That Believeth 100180
Hold On, Don't Give Up 153890
I'm So Grateful 110510
You Love Me 185199
Choir, The Free Flying Soul 219162
Let It Fly 219154
Love Songs And Prayers 162818
Speckled Bird 146233
Chosen Chosen 164210
Chosen Gospel Singers, The The Lifeboat 216689
Christ Church Choir All Praise 173047
Christafari Soulfire 132555
Valley Of Decision 158790
Christianaires, The Reaching Out 126169
Saints Hold On 181891
Angella Christie Eternity 215640
Church Of Rhythm Church Of Rhythm 131326
Circle Of Dust Circle Of Dust 146266
Dr. Mattie Moss Clark The Clark Family Live 121574
Live In Atlanta 103986
Clark Sisters Miracle 477661
Cynthia Clawson River Of Memories 162511
Ashley Cleveland Bus Named Desire 125641
Lesson Of Love 134437
James Cleveland The Best Of Reverend James Cleveland 131912
Gospel Music Workshop Of America 419143
Having Church 419135
Coatd Dorothy Love Coates And The Original 143420
Code Of Ethics Arms Around The World 127233
Code Of Ethics 466466
Remixes- Code Of Ethics 485847
Soulbait 178988
Jim Cole Leap Of Faith 158956
Merciful God 138594
Larry Coleman And Friends The Music In Me 156661
Daryl Coley Beyond The Veil 159608
The Collection: 15 Best Loved Songs 118265
In My Dreams 477653
Live In Oakland- Home Again 214700
When The Music Stops 452813
Colorado Mass Choir Watch God Move 160564
Comedy, Classics, Characters Gospel Music's Funniest Moments 160374
Gospel Music's Funniest Moments 160382
Commissioned A Collection 100354
Irreplaceable Love 157180
The Light Years 139733
Matters Of The Heart 100347
Common Bond Reflections 217125
Common Children Skywire 219196
Company Devotion 474031
Considering Lily Considering Lily 181735
Sam Cooke And The Soul Stirrers Sam Cooke With The Soul Stirrers 144378
William Cornyish Latin Church Music: Magnificat (The Cardinall's Musick/Andrew Carwood)  216234
Stabat Mater (Tallis Sholars/Phillips) 169714
Beverly Crawford Jesus, Precious King 139220
Clay Crosse My Place Is With You 125773
Stained Glass 214684
Time To Believe 130369
Andrae Crouch Best Of 100701
Don't Give Up 170043
The Light Years 142885
Mercy 476283
More Of The Best 100727
No Time To Lose 170225
Pray 186718
Andrae Crouch & The Disciples Live In London 216697
Take Me Back 120709
Sandra Crouch And Friends With All Of My Heart 452755
Cumberland Boys, The Canada Live 217083
Nothing But Love 217190
Curious Fools (Read) 189506