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D Listing

Artist Album Order Number
D.O.C.(Disciples Of Christ) Pullin' No Punches 455980
Lisa Daggs Love Is The Bottom Line 160341
Dallas/Fort Worth Mass Choir Another Chance470815
For His Glory119438
Charlie Daniels The Door477620
Steel Witness164525
Dawkins & Dawkins Necessary Measures 100602
DBA Bubble 172981
DC Talk DC Talk452847
Free At Last452821
Jesus Freak142117
Nu Thang452839
Remixes- Free At Last485821
Welcome To The Freak Show220087
Degarmo & Key Destined To Win- 452854
Don Degrate And Strong Tower I Just Want To Testify 138537
Sarah Delane Sarah Delane 211359
Al Denson Do You Know This Man?132019
Derek And Diana Praise In This House 146431
Ronnie Diamond It Is Written 146472
Ricky Dillard Worked It Out 169516
Ricky Dillard's New Generation Chorale Hallelujah!131458
A Holy Ghost Take-Over466110
Dino All Creation Sings473595
Classical Peace 122358
Quiet Times160499
Majestic Peace473587
Peace In The Midst Of The Storm473603
Rhythm Of Peace473579
Disco Saints Cosmic Cowboy 166777
Dixie Hummingbirds The Best Of The Dixie Hummingbirds 216648
Keith Dobbins & The Resurrection Mass Ch Our Very Best 187310
Dogs Of Peace Speak 151605
Ann Downing Let's Talk217075
O'landa Draper And The Associates Choir All The Bases464198
Gotta Feelin'156562
Live... A Celebration Of Praise108696
Bryan Duncan Blue Skies177758
The Light Years139725
Mercy Me454066
My Utmost For His Highest161943
Slow Revival100941
Guillaume Du Fay Mass for St. Anthony of Padua(Pomerium/Alexander Blachly) 184564
The Virgin and the Temple (Pomerium/Alexander Blachly) 211573
Duraluxe Duraluxe 185140
Allison Durham Walk Into Freedom 486001
Durufle The Durufle Album: Requiem; Messe "Cum Jubilo"; Notre Pere (Voices of Ascension Chorus and Orchestra/Dennis Keene) 183285