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P Listing

Artist Album Order Number
Lashun Pace Shekinah Glory 473322
Pastor Murphy Pace III Strong Holds 470500
Shun Pace-Rhodes He Lives 452599
Lisa Page More Than You'll Ever Know 186783
Twila Paris Beyond A Dream470831
Cry For The Desert121806
A Heart That Knows You-452722
The Time Is Now116749
Where I Stand153940
Ivan Parker Mercy 162669
Janet Paschal The Good Road 181768
Sandi Patti Another Time, Another Place411926
Artist Of My Soul221275
Find It On The Wings108753
The Finest Moments402313
Hymns Just For You428755
Le Voyage459008
Open For Business434993
Sandi Patty And The Friendship Company Sandi Patty And The Friendship Company 380105
Charlie Peacock Everything That's On My Mind116988
In The Light170589
West Coast Diaries437244
Carlton Pearson & Higher Dimension Choir Live489203
Live At Azusa140434
Live At Azusa 2;Precious Memories179218
Gregory Peck The Bible - The New Testament 163311
Peter Penrose Peter Penrose 188391
Pentecostals Of Chicago, The Stand 146381
People Of Destiny Passion For His Presence 162800
Dottie Peoples Count On God215624
On Time God215707
Perfect Heart Live At The Forum 485854
Perrys, The Crossings 217091
Petra Come And Join Us437079
No Doubt136473
Petra Means Rock121780
Petra Praise...437137
Petra Praise II: We Need Jesus181941
Power Praise481515
Wake-Up Call467696
PFR Great Lengths116996
Pharis,Jr & Loved Ones Ready, Willing & Able 218826
Phillips, Craig & Dean Lifeline481507
Phillips, Craig & Dean128843
Where Strength Begins215848
Pilgrim Jubilees In Revival 478701
Pilgram Travelers Walking Rhythm 132779
Bill Pinkney & The Original Drifters Peace In The Valley 158758
Plumb Plumb 214619
Point Of Grace Life Love & Other Mysteries166439
Point Of Grace100974
The Whole Truth120618
Ponder,Sykes & Wright Ponder, Sykes & Wright 188466
Porchlight Trio, The Porchlight 162495
Rodney Posey Live In Praise And Worship With 119255
Hubert Powell Keep Pressin' On 134809
Pray For Rain Goldie's Last Day474452
Pray For Rain455923
Prayer Chain, The Shawl 125674
Precious Death If You Must174482
Promise, The The Promise 123174
Promise Keepers Stand In The Gap 212670