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5 DVDs for 49 Each


Details of Club Membership:

Just choose the 5 DVDs you want for 49 Each, plus $1.99 each shipping and handling. In exchange, you agree to buy just four more movies in the next two years, at regular Club prices (currently starting as low as $19.95 plus shipping and handling) -- and you may cancel membership at any time after doing so. What's more, you can get one more movie for the low price of $14.95 and have less to buy later (see details on application form.)

Free Magazine

A free magazine will be sent about every four weeks (up to 13 times a year), reviewing our Director's Selection -- plus scores of alternate Choices. And you may recieve Special Selection mailings up to four times a year. (That's a total of up to 17 buying opportunities a year).

Buy Only What You Want!

If you want the Director's Selection, do nothing -- it will be sent automatically. If you prefer an alternate selection, or none at all, just mail the response card by the date specified. You'll always have 10 days to decide, if not, you may return the Selection at our expense.

Money-Saving Bonus Plan

If you continue your membership after fulfilling your obligation, you'll be eligible for our generous bonus plan. It enables you to enjoy more great savings on the movies you want) for as long as you decide to remain a member!

10-Day Risk-Free Trial

We'll send you details of the Club's operation with your introductory package. If you're not satisfied, return everything within 10 days for a full refund and no further obligation.

To Have It All

Just complete the application. As you browse the selections, keep track of the selections you want by writing down their order numbers. When you have chosen your selections, click on join below, follow the instructions, completing all the necessary information, and submit your membership application. You should receive your enrollment package in about 5-8 weeks.


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