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Sound & Spirit is a division of BMG Music Service. This webpage will only be supplying information on the Sound & Spirit division. If you wish to view other divisions, visit the BMG Music Service website. (The BMG website does not supply information on Sound & Spirit, nor do they recognize Sound & Spirit as a division of BMG.)

If you are a member of Sound & Spirit, you can browse all the selections on this data base and order using the numbers provided. If you are not a member, you may search the data base and then join on this website. The current offer of Sound & Spirit is 12 for the Price of 1 . THIS OFFER IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES.

If you wish to contact Sound & Spirit with questions concerning your account, you can contact them at:

Sound and Spirit Music Service
P.O. Box 1958
Indianapolis, IN 46291-0010
Tel. 317-630-0186

You are now ready to search the listings.


This page is not officially affiliated with Sound & Spirit or BMG Music Service. Rather, this page is maintained by a private member of the Club. Neither Sound & Spirit nor BMG Music Service is responsible for its contents. The creators of this page will try to keep all information contained on this page up-to-date and accurate, but it is possible that errors and omissions may occur. Such inconsistancies will be rectified as they come to our attention.